How ‘Barefoot’ became a ‘hit song’ for the beatles: Here’s what it took to make it happen

In 1966, while still a student at the University of New Hampshire, Beatles producer George Martin and his wife Patti Harrison decided to start a company called ‘The Beatles’. They named it ‘Barrymore’.The Beatles’ official song title is: ‘Bathroom’, the Beatles’ song title.It’s a fitting tribute to the Beatles: Barry’s name has become synonymous with the British…

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In 1966, while still a student at the University of New Hampshire, Beatles producer George Martin and his wife Patti Harrison decided to start a company called ‘The Beatles’. 

They named it ‘Barrymore’.

The Beatles’ official song title is: ‘Bathroom’, the Beatles’ song title.

It’s a fitting tribute to the Beatles: Barry’s name has become synonymous with the British rock band. 

Bart and George’s original concept was to name the company ‘The Beatles’, but their name stuck and so they kept the name as ‘Barracuda’ or ‘Beatle Biscuit’. 

After a while, the company was called ‘Bears’, but that name stuck too. 

They then renamed it ‘Beatles Biscuits’.

The company’s motto was ‘We make biscuits, we make music, we sing’. 

The name became synonymous with biscuits.

In the years following the first album, The Beatles’ popularity surged and so did the business. 

The company eventually expanded to include the ‘Beaten Biscuys’, a name used in the 1970s to refer to the ‘Barcades’ in Liverpool, the original location of the original shop. 

When The Beatles recorded the album ‘Love Me Do’, it was recorded in ‘Barrow House’, a popular ‘Bargains’ shopping centre, and in ‘A Day in the Life’, a restaurant. 

In 1966, the Beatles produced and recorded their first album in the studio in their home in Liverpool.

The Beatles have recorded over 40 studio albums, and their first two albums, ‘Love Yourself’ and ‘Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band’, have sold over 100 million copies. 

‘Love Yourself’, which is the band’s highest-selling album, has sold more than 10 million copies worldwide.’

Sgt. Pepper’s’ sold more, with the UK’s top 10 album charts reporting sales of more than 12 million. 

It’s been estimated that around 50 million people have heard the Beatles songs. 

A video of the band in their studio with the lyrics, ‘This is the last song I ever wrote’, has been viewed more than two million times. 

One of the most famous songs is ‘You Don’t Have To Say Anything’, which was recorded by the band as a Christmas album in 1965. 

While The Beatles had previously released a Christmas single, ‘You’re The One That I Need’, in 1972, they decided to record a new song, ‘Happy New Year’, in which they sing, ‘We are the best in the world, we are the greatest’.

The video for ‘Happy Christmas’, released on YouTube in February 2018, has more than one million views.’

You Don’T Have To Speak To Me’ was recorded as part of The Beatles tour in 1968. 

Its lyrics were: ‘It’s not a question of whether you’ve got to do something, it’s when you do it that you have to say something.

And I have to tell you, the more I’m asked to do, the louder it gets.’

The video of The Beatles performing this song has been watched more than 7 million times, and it was the first time the band had been recorded on film. 

“The Beatles recorded this song in their London home, called ‘Aberdeen House’, in the basement of their own house in 1966.

The studio was used for the recording of the song ‘Love You Do’, as well as ‘You Want To Hold My Hand’, and the song’s second single ‘You Really Got Me’.’

You’re the One That Meant The World To Me,”You Really Want Me,’ and ‘You Know I’m A Man’ were recorded at the studio during their tour of the United States, England, and Canada in the summer of 1966. 

These were the first of many tracks recorded at Aberdeen House, and they would become iconic songs throughout the ’60s and ’70s. 

After recording ‘Love Your Way’, the band were forced to take the stage at the Abbey Road Studios in Manchester in March 1968 for the first-ever live performance of ‘You Are The One I Need’ from their album. 

Despite the success of the video, the band continued to record music for a few years before The Beatles returned to their home studios in May 1974. 

For ‘Silly Christmas’, they recorded the track in a garage in Manchester. 

Their next studio album, ‘A Hard Day’s Night’, was released in November 1974.

The band’s first UK number one hit, ‘I Can’t Explain’, was recorded at a Manchester studio in April 1975. 

Throughout the ’80s and 90s, The Beatle toured and recorded more than 30 studio albums and singles. 

Many of the songs from these albums have been released


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